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Part 107 – Myth, Truth, Real World

Thank you to SF Drone School owner and FAAST Team Drone Pro Werner Von Stein.  These are helpful to all pilots for Safety Resources Management (SRM).

This report is for small UAS incidents only. The report is used to collect data to identify safety concerns or issues to promote a healthy safety culture. This report is required anytime an incident occurs. An incident is any situation that results in abnormal operation of the drone / UAS. This
includes loss of control, flyaway, or any situation that results in minor injury or minor damage to property, including the UAS. An incident is also any situation where the RPIC exercises emergency authority to avoid injury or damage even when no adverse result occurs. Please provide as much detail as possible. Use additional sheets as necessary.

DOWNLOAD – DJI Checklists & Flight Incident Reporting Form

Drone safety is everyone’s responsibility and all events are designed to inspire and advance drone safety.