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The aviation industry is in the midst of a substantial evolution, driven by new growth and ATM modernization. However, there remains a lack of consensus on how, or if, ANSPs and UAS service providers will integrate to ensure that safety standards are upheld. ATM and UTM’s differing requirements may be best incorporated through a model that enables operations in parallel while exchanging information. Moderated by Wing, this roundtable will bring together ANSP and regulatory stakeholders who are exploring a UTM paradigm, focused on the broad principles of openness, flexibility, collaboration to accelerate the safe integration of UAS operations.

Moderator: Reinaldo Negron, Wing Panelists: Jay Merkle, FAA Antoine Martin, DSNA Dale Sheridan, Australia Mark Westwood, ConnectedPlaces Catapult

Hosted by World ATM Congress and ATCA

Note: All Times Shown Are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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