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IMPROVE Your Flying Skills

Thief River Falls, MN

In spirit of the FAA’s National Drone Safety Awareness Week, NCAT team sits down with Chris Cruz, Instructor from West Valley College to discuss steps to take to improve your flying skills. 11am CST / 12pm EST. Hosted by National Center for Autonomous Technologies Event site:

AUVSI, Emergency Management, and Safety Training for Accademia

Lake Elsinor, CA

Women and Drones Coffee Connection will have a panel of amazing guest speakers: Jackie Beckwith, Joe Cerreta, Riley Beaman, Susan Minné. They will be discussing topics of AUVSI advocacy and Legislative steps, AUVSI TOP training, Public safety training programs, and the use of drones in emergencies and for homeland security. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about Safety, Training, and AUVSI. 9am PST / 12pm EST. Hosted by Women and Drones

UAS Recreational Flyers – Fly Safe and Have Fun

Grand Rapids, MI

Understanding UAS recreational flyer rule changes - EMI and GRR FSDOs Follow instructions in webinar link:

Airspace is Clear – Are you ready to Fly?

Atlanta, GA

Be prepared for your upcoming mission. We will discuss the equipment necessary to be able to fly. You will learn what it takes to get in the air to shoot incredible photographs and videos. Hosted by Drone Education Services

UTM & ATM: Integrate Now or Integrate Later?

Alexandria, VA

The aviation industry is in the midst of a substantial evolution, driven by new growth and ATM modernization. However, there remains a lack of consensus on how, or if, ANSPs and UAS service providers will integrate to ensure that safety standards are upheld. ATM and UTM's differing requirements may be best incorporated through a model that enables operations in parallel while exchanging information. Moderated by Wing, this roundtable will bring together ANSP and regulatory stakeholders who are exploring a UTM paradigm, focused on the broad principles of openness, flexibility, collaboration to accelerate the safe integration of UAS operations. Moderator: Reinaldo Negron, [...]

NDSAW: Improve – How Can you Improve your Flying Skills?

Virtual, VA

Improving skills on a continual basis is important for all industries, and drone operations are no exception. Join this webinar to hear from industry experts on their training of UAS pilots and operators to ensure safe, reliable service. Learn what these groups are doing, how it can be implemented into an existing or new program, important lessons learned as these processes were developed, and the value-add for continual improvement.

Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Round Table for sUAS/Drones

Reno, NV Reno

Reno FSDO and Las Vegas Metro officers are hosting this Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Round Table for sUAS/Drones to discussions with LEO's and the FAA to answer any questions that you may have. 1pm PST / 4pm EST This event is limited to law enforcement only, and is not open to the general public.

Improving Your Ability to Share the Airspace when Disaster Strikes

Alexandria, VA

Drones, or UAS, have become an increasingly valuable tool both for recreational use and to support public and business uses, whether for surveying damage from a natural event, for collecting images and sensor data, and even for transporting goods. Our panel today highlights how drones are used for public emergency events such as fire-fighting, medical emergencies and vaccine delivery, and other natural disasters and identifies when and how you can safely share the airspace when these events are occurring. Our panelists are Richard Fields, from the LA Fire Department; Desiree Matel-Anderson of the Field Innovation Team; and Daniel Buchmueller, of Volansi; [...]

Beyond Unmanned – Improve

Beyond Unmanned is a new YouTube channel that will focus on global education and outreach on unmanned systems and emerging technologies. This will be a one stop channel to educate the future workforce for the industry and help current workforce be successful. The channel will officially launch during the Drone Safety Awareness Week with a video each day focusing on each safety awareness week topics: Tuesday: IMPROVE – How can you improve your flying skills?

UAS Outreach NPP48 – The Air Up There

Columbia, SC

SC FAASTeam Columbia FSDO

Recreational UAS/Drone Flying

Washington, D.C.

Click on the link provided to register.

Avoiding Disaster Flying Your UAS (Public Safety)

Milwaukee, WI

Use your drone to become safely involved in emergency operations while avoiding disaster. This seminar, put on by a former Army National Guard helicopter pilot, will discuss how aviation is used during emergencies and how you can help without creating potentially dangerous situations. During this presentation we will cover everything from simple single aircraft operations all the way up to safely sharing airspace simultaneously with manned aircraft. WINGS credits will be available for those that register on 6pm CST / 7pm EST Hosted by Menet Aero, Inc.

Wolf Eyes in the Sky – Flying Safely at Night Time

Raleigh, NC

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly at nighttime? Can you legally fly at night? Are there any special safety aspects to keep in mind when flying at night? For the answers to these questions and many more join us for Wolf Eyes in the Sky. At NC State and in North Carolina we take safety seriously and know that sometimes there is a need to fly at night. This session will review what is necessary to have in place to fly at night, what skills are important to have, how to make sure everyone is safe, [...]

Drone Use – Balancing Public Safety and Privacy

San Diego, CA

Panel presentation featuring Michelle Hanlon and the student editors of the Journal of Drone Law and Policy. They will showcase how responsible utilization can improve public health and safety and individual lives without endangering privacy rights and civil liberties. 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST Hosted by San Diego sUAS FAASTeam. Register at  

Note: All Times Shown Are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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