Note: All Times Shown Are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Drone Hacking: The Cybersecurity Risks You Need to Know

Pittsburgh, PA

This webinar focuses on the cybersecurity risks of operating a drone in the national airspace. We will review different security risks and how to mitigate them through safe and effective mechanisms.

Why Do You Fly?

Muncie, IN

From soaring to drone racing! Hosted by Academy of Model Aeronautics

HydraFPV: Why We Fly

Thief River Falls, MN

NCAT team sits down with Marty Wetherall, the co-founder of the drone racing league HydraFPV and CTO, Joel Stewart to discuss the sport of the future - drone racing. HydraFPV is located in the Mall of America and serves to grow the sport by giving kids the STEM experience; letting them race small drones through their various courses and hosting races for middle and high school students. 1:30pm CST / 2:30pm EST Hosted by National Center for Autonomous Technologies & HydraFPV Link to event:

Beyond Unmanned – Having Fun

Raleigh, NC

Beyond Unmanned is a new YouTube channel that will focus on global education and outreach on unmanned systems and emerging technologies. This will be a one stop channel to educate the future workforce for the industry and help current workforce be successful. The channel will officially launch during the Drone Safety Awareness Week with a video each day focusing on each safety awareness week topics: Saturday and Sunday: HAVING FUN – Why do you fly?

Note: All Times Shown Are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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