Note: All Times Shown Are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Why Do You Fly?

Muncie, IN

From soaring to drone racing! Hosted by Academy of Model Aeronautics

HydraFPV: Why We Fly

Thief River Falls, MN

NCAT team sits down with Marty Wetherall, the co-founder of the drone racing league HydraFPV and CTO, Joel Stewart to discuss the sport of the future - drone racing. HydraFPV is located in the Mall of America and serves to grow the sport by giving kids the STEM experience; letting them race small drones through their various courses and hosting races for middle and high school students. 1:30pm CST / 2:30pm EST Hosted by National Center for Autonomous Technologies & HydraFPV Link to event:

Beyond Unmanned – Having Fun

Raleigh, NC

Beyond Unmanned is a new YouTube channel that will focus on global education and outreach on unmanned systems and emerging technologies. This will be a one stop channel to educate the future workforce for the industry and help current workforce be successful. The channel will officially launch during the Drone Safety Awareness Week with a video each day focusing on each safety awareness week topics: Saturday and Sunday: HAVING FUN – Why do you fly?

Note: All Times Shown Are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

This year, like many events, DSAW will be a little different – completely virtual.

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